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Two different styles of AC SS?

behrendprof | Jan 27, 201012:39 PM

I really, really like my All Clad stainless (my 3 qt saute is darn near a perfect pan) but I've been looking at adding a 12" frypan to do what the saute can't. I've seen some very disparate pricing, though (e..g, around $80 for the pan with lid versus $115 for pan w/o lid) and my immediate inclination is to spend less.

However, I've read some reports that the inexpensive pan isn't three-ply (and described as light and cheap) and I do think that the photos I've seen of that inexpensive pan show a more pronounced break between pan botton and sides. That is, in my ACs and in the photos of the more expensive 12", the transition is more gradual and rounded.

Is AC doing two versions or outsourcing production? Or am I seeing differences where none exist?

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