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Not About Food 21

Stupid Resturant ideas here is mine

YAYME | Jan 18, 201408:41 AM

Maybe it’s because I was in 20’s once, and I know LOTS of people in this fluid age group but I think this is good, popular idea that hasn’t been exploited in a BIG way. Maybe it’s trendy and my Uncle who knows about restaurants will shake his head sadly.

I have no name for this place the best I could come up with is: Yummly's
It could be for anyone really, but I'd want to cater to younger people.

However it would be open all the time and it would need to easily operated for unskilled workers and the food would need to be cheap. And I don’t think it would do well in The South or the Mid-west.

First of all this place would not have even the pretense of being anything other then unhealthy and guilty pleasurely. As I said it’s mostly Asian/ American Fast Food with some Mexican thrown in some Pizza and once in while some rip off mid-eastern (around Eid), but we will sneaky about it. I want to hit the whole spicy/salty/sweet/cheese/fatty thing.

Oh and other seasonal/ specials that will have for about a month then YANK away.

So here would be the basic menu.

Three or four burger type sandwiches:
One is ham/spam
One is Chicken teriyaki
One beef
One is mushroom patty.

Then a asian/Mexican taco thing
A grilled cheese sandwich
Three type of pre set Pizzas they can get.
(Cheese, Pepperoni, Rotating flavor of the month/season)
-Kimchi Sweet potato thingy.

This will come with a side of Soup (Ramen/Hot’nSour/Rotating) or Fries (Potato or Veggie Tempura).

And a soft drink. Coke or Pepsi... Although I would like to see if there any Asian sodas that do Fountain drinks? And I know Ramune comes in GLASS bottles not getting that to pricey, sad though.

Also Deserts: chocolate covered pretzel cakes. Dulce de leche and coconut ice-cream in mini cups and Fried honey chili bananas, also seasonal stuff.

I’d offer things like Siracha Ranch sauce I’d try to get Huy Fong onboard because they are most well known brand. And even I’ve scoffed at other brands. Also SPAM onboard boost their image. I’d step up franchises in college towns, big cities at first. Give away free samples and coupons on campuses, At Cons, and anywhere else I could.
So hit or miss? Remember I have no professional/business/marketing/culinary background, this all just silliness thinking.

Idea number two. A bar, almost regular bar/resto only the 'bar food' is sold on dim-sum carts. And like dim-sum carts you are charged by the plate. Only problem is sneaky people hiding the plates.

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