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Stupid Pandering Americanized Sushi: but the GOOD stuff!


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Stupid Pandering Americanized Sushi: but the GOOD stuff!

Jim Leff | Mar 2, 2006 08:52 PM

I'm trying this query once again. I posted something similar last year, but didn't get what I was looking for. Maybe what I'm looking for doesn't exist in NYC....sigh.

I am an aficionado of pristine, classical, rigorous sushi. I'm such a purist that I rarely dunk in soy. I seek communion from my sushi chef. I want to glean all the subtlety and wan expressionism there is to be gleaned.

Same with pasta...I appreciate a true al dente, and the delicate intermingling of wheat and sauce. BUT....I also like leftover spaghetti, scarfed out of a tupperware container from the fridge. Different part of the brain. What can I say?

And that part of my brain also likes silly Americanized bastardized vulgar sushi. Double dragon rolls, spicy tuna, lots of crispy and spicy thingamabobs. sushi that makes you giggle and is eaten fast and which fills you up. However, I only like really GOOD silly Americanized vulgar sushi. I mean, I like egg rolls, too, but not the standard ones. I trek far and wide for great stupid food (as I do for any other genre).

I don't mean high end fusion sushi where some terribly clever chef makes terribly precious and unusual this or that. No white truffles with my toro, please. I want the stuff that makes sushi aficionados wince. I want suburban pandering meathead sushi. But a really GOOD rendition, y'know? Does anyone out there, like, UNDERSTAND?


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