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What are these stupid bugs and why won't they die??

thursday | Feb 26, 2012 02:41 PM

We found teeny tiny little bugs in our sugar bowl close to a year ago. They're about 1/4 to 1/2 the size of a gnat, maybe the size of a comma in 8 point font - I'm talking tiny. They looked like specks in the sugar. I dumped the sugar, washed it out (a classic pottery glazed sugar bowl with a non-vacuum lid), and refilled. Bugs again. I picked up the sugar bowl, and saw that the windowsill directly underneath the (non-glazed) bottom of the bowl was crawling with them too, but they were restricted to exactly that circular area - no migrating to the corked jars of beans and rice. I dumped the sugar, bleached the bowl, wiped down the counter with bleach solution, and put the bowl back without refilling.

It's now been close to a year. They're still there!! There's been no sugar in that bowl for all this time, nothing else edible in that area (except the dried beans and rice, but there's been no evidence of migration), but there's always a couple specks in the bowl and a few score crawly bugs underneath. I keep cleaning it and waiting for them to die, but they seem indestructible! I don't want to use a pesticide where we keep edible food... They're not flour mites; I can't seem to identify them, and thankfully we haven't found any elsewhere, but what gives?? It's annoying to dig out the giant sugar canister every morning for my coffee...

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