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Stupid baking/cooking mishaps? Share, laugh, and learn

Curtis | Dec 14, 200512:17 PM

The creation of this thread is prompted by my recent bout of silly baking. I hope for most people it'll provide a good laugh and something to be learned.

a) Making cinnamon rolls last night, I let them proof on a tray before baking, covered with a sheet of plastic wrap to prevent drying. It's 2 in the morning, tired, oven at 365, I place the tray into the oven. Twenty fragrant minutes later, I pull them out only to find a strange spider-web-like netting over the buns. Realization, I left the plastic wrap on when I put the buns in. I slice off the top, have a bit of the bottom... oh so good... so sad to see a dozen cinnamon buns go in the garbage.

b) 10 years old or so, trying to make a cake with fondant glaze. Misread directions, put 250 mL baking powder as opposed to 25. The cake collapsed in on itself and tasted like really bad biscuits. Not even glaze could save this one.

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