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Stumped: How do I feed these people?


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Stumped: How do I feed these people?

Sir Gawain | Jan 21, 2004 08:28 PM

The situation is this: I need to feed the following four people this Sunday at my house, which doesn't have a big kitchen. (Fortunately it's only brunch.) I invited them without thinking much about it, and now I'm in trouble.
I am not a great cook. I am a decent baker, but you'll see what the problem is with that.

These are the guests:

- one healthy male with no diet restrictions but a need for a NUTRITIOUS meal (low blood sugar makes him mean, so all-carb dishes are a bad idea)

- one semi-vegetarian who never orders anything too rich or fattening (but will steal it from other people's plates, so perhaps there's some leeway there.) Also: just came back from 4 months in India and doesn't want to see Indian food for a while.

- one female in the early stage of the South Beach diet, so no carbohydrates; otherwise an omnivore.

- one vegetarian (but lacto-ovo) from India who doesn't like "bland American food".

Maybe it's not as hard as it seems to me, but right now I am stumped and can't come up with a (modest, simple) menu for these four. Can you help? I am definitely making some nice fresh green salad (a no-brainer), and have also considered:

- cheese soufflé - maybe the Indian can dump a ton of chutney on it or something? Just kidding... Problem: It's fairly BLAND. But it has lots of protein and very little carbohydrate
- apple clafouti (a favorite in my repertoire; only the South Beach person will have to skip that - too much sugar) - not "spicy" but it's not bland. But what to give the South Beachie instead so she doesn't feel cheated?
- eggs cocotte (look cute, are nutritious, contents may be varied for each person, can use spices)
- steamed/blanched asparagus, haricots verts, ???
That's about it. Not a great range, I know.

ANY advice will be appreciated.

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