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for once, i am truly stumped. need some advice re: using alcoholic cottage cheese. pounds and pounds of alcoholic cottage cheese.

soupkitten | Jan 15, 2010 05:19 PM

the curds (basically an alcoholic cottage cheese) will be the byproduct of making mongolian-style milk wine. right now i am thinking of a sort of blended, boozy milkshake. that's about all i've got. i'd rather not commit the fermented milk product version of a beer crime and discard the stuff, and the lactose-free organic dairy which is the mother of all of this is expensive, besides. no, i want to use this unusual brewing byproduct, and use it for the good of humankind! please help me, all you lovely, creative hounds!!!

note that this is about cooking with or otherwise eating a fermented *food* product, not the milk wine itself-- please mods, don't move this post to wine/spirits. tia.

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