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Stumbled upon great way to keep bread fresh!

meatn3 | Mar 3, 201201:43 PM

I have a household of one and have trouble keeping breads fresh long enough to use them up. Sometimes I just don't have room in the freezer...

I purchased an artisan loaf (olive and rosemary, no preservatives) recently and had a portion with my soup. I was in a hurry to clean up the kitchen and stuck the rest of the loaf in a Romertopf casserole that I had not put away after using the day before.

Out of sight, out of mind...several days later I remembered the bread. Once I opened the clay pot I found the bread was still fresh as can be!

Not sure why it worked, but this is a trick will be using again.

Just wanted to share - a quick search did not show prior mention of this.

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