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Stuffing in the bird or outside?


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Stuffing in the bird or outside?

bnemes3343 | Nov 18, 2008 12:37 PM

I'm sure this must get discussed every year, but since it's that time again, I will bring it up. I have been eating stuffing baked inside the bird all my life (and I'm no spring chicken). Yes, with raw eggs. It is so much better in the bird (IMO) and I have never gotten sick. But there's always someone (when we're going a large gathering), that will bring a casserole of stuffing to be cooked out of the bird. Bleck. So what's your preference. And if you cook it in the bird, do you precook it in the microwave to make it a safer stuffing. If so, how do you get it in the bird without scorching your hands?

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