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What's In this Stuff??

al b. darned | Nov 12, 2009 09:59 PM

Years ago I was told that storing bred in the refrigerator would make it last longer. I just didn't know how much longer.

To start with, we don't use much bread, and there is less waste/spoilage when stored in the fridge. But even refrigerated, "good" bread eventually goes green and fuzzy.

But when I cleaned out the fridge last week I found lost in the back of a shelf, a partial pack (o.k., 1) Thomas' English Muffin, exp. date June 6. Also half a package of Pepperidge Farm hamburger buns, exp. date Sept 30 LAST YEAR. I know the latter were from 2008 because we got them from my in-laws last Thanksgiving. (We don't normally buy rhem.)

The buns and the muffin are perfectly usable with no mold, fuzz, or anything noticeable. While not as soft as "new" rolls, they were very edible. The EM is scheduled for eating this weekend.

Makes you wonder what's really in them and what that stuff is doing to our innards.

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