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Stuck on a limited diet. Help me be creative...

val ann c | Apr 20, 200801:46 PM

Dear Chowhounds:
Can you give me ideas to make my limited diet seem more varied? My nutritionist has put me on a mild plain diet to try and address food allergies. The diet is helping me, but I am very bored and this will be going on for many weeks or more. I'm hoping chowhounds can give me some good prep ideas.

I'm limited to 11 foods. I'm not allowed any herbs nor spices nor cooking oil.

1. Lamb
I've never been a fan of lamb. But I've been enjoying broiled lamb chops. I bought a leg of lamb. What is the best cooking method so it will not be greasy??

2. Chicken
I've been enjoying the plain rotisserie chickens from Whole Foods. Even without salt and pepper, they are very tasty. I've tried baking and broiling my own chicken, but it is so bland.

3. Potatoes
I'm so tired of baked potatoes.

4. Rice
Rice is good. I have several varieties. Long grain, short grain, japonica.
I'm making drinks with rice protein powder and bananas. These are not enjoyable; they are fuel. And I use rice cakes as portable fuel.

5. Bananas
Not my favorite fruit, but I eat them for the sake of variety.

6. Apples
I eat fresh apples and applesauce everyday. Not tired of them yet.

7. Cabbage
I love raw cabbage. What's the best way to cook cabbage if you can't use bacon or tomatoes?

8. Brussels sprouts
I haven't made these yet. I like the fresh ones that I buy in the Fall.

9. Brocolli
I've already eaten too much brocolli. Can't look at brocolli. I'm enjoying brocolli rabe. The "Andy Boy" bunches are all I can get.

10. Beets
Not a big fan of beets. But I've been eating canned beet slices, just for variety.

11. Spinach.
I haven't eaten any spinach. I prefer kale or mustard. I may get a box of frozen spinach to keep on hand.

QUESTION: Any way to combine these items into a soup? I can use salt, but no herbs, no alliums, no spices.

P.S. I hope we can keep this discussion focused on food prep and sourcing. Please don't give advice on nutrition or allergies. The moderators won't like it.

Thanks so much!

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