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The strawberry experiment - fresh strawberries in glass jars


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The strawberry experiment - fresh strawberries in glass jars

rworange | Mar 30, 2006 07:00 PM

A few years ago in one of the annual 'how do I keep strawberries fresh' threads, someone mentioned to just put them in glass jars.

I just tried that and a little over a week later, the strawberries are still pristine.

Granted these are the strawberries I bought from a supermarket designed to survive nuclear war, but I'm still impressed.

My usual method for storing strawberries is to line a tupperware container with paper towels, place strawberries on top, cover with a paper towel and then seal with the tupperware lid. They will keep a week that way and then start to look tired.

I used two jelly jars. In one, I just put 3 berries. In the other, I put a folded up paper towel on the bottom. The paper towel didn't work as well, they were just slightly less fresh looking than the jar without the towel.

Should have left some in the original plastic container from the supermarket for comparison sake.

Anyway, will check the remaining berries in a few days to see how they are doing.

Just another idea for keeping those berries fresh.

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