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Strange food addictions


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Strange food addictions

elmomonster | Sep 6, 2005 02:01 PM

I finally got my fix for deep fried shrimp heads recently.

But it seems that my friends and family do not share this seemingly obscure taste of mine for the feelers, eyeballs, antennae, head and carapace of an amaebi (sweet) shrimp.

The byproduct of raw shrimp nigiri sushi, the left over shells and head are rendered super crunchy in boiling hot oil. Then it is served golden and crispy with a wedge of lemon.

Biting down on this salty, sea cracker results in a lovely crunch, similar in texture to an extremely crispy, deep fried soft-shell crab.

Like divine pork rinds of the ocean, with a briny pulpy center and errant spiky appendages that could poke a hole through your cheek, I realize that it is an acquired taste. But it is one that I am happy to have always had, and that my dining companions do not; MORE FOR ME!!!

I wonder if anyone else has an obscure food addiction that no one else seem to understand?


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