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Very Strange Experience at Yours Truly...And We Didn't Even Get to Dinner

glickjor | Mar 30, 201205:57 AM

I hope to preface my comments below by saying that I don't make a habit of criticizing restaurants online (this is my first)

Last night my wife and I arrived for our 6 PM reservation at Your Truly (first time) and immediately smelled trouble. There were about as many servers in the room as there were patrons (surprising, given that I was told that they do 2 seatings and we either had to come at 6 or at 9 with no in-between - and the restaurant did just win new restaurant of the year in Toronto Life).

Even with all the staff in the room and no patrons, for whatever reason the staff seemed to just ignore us. We did everything but stand up and walk over to the bar which, again, was strange given the restaurant had only a handful of patrons at the time.

We finally flagged our waitress and placed some drink orders. Waited another 10 minutes without drink for our waitress to return to take our orders.

Here is where things got weird - I understand the concept of tasting menu, but my wife eats fish and so we asked if it was possible to replace one of the courses in the vegetarian menu with the fish dish from the meat tasting menu. We offered to pay the full price for the meat tasting menu (which is more expensive than the vegetarian and offered to pay whatever the cost so that my wife could eat the fish course a la carte). She got noticeably flustered by the request and provided the response that: "the chef is very finicky and it is very important to him that his meal is eaten in the sequence that he has arranged". She said she would ask though and 10 minutes later, an owner came to our table.

We still had not been served our drinks and were getting quite upset (and ravenous) at this point. He very smugly explained to us that we need to understand that they portion the dishes (including fish orders) to the number of tasting menus and so could not accomodate us. This seemed pretty odd to me given that the place was half-empty and there is no way for him to predict how many customers were going to eat which menu that night.

In the end, after 35 minutes, and still without our drinks - we opted to leave as the place wreaked of trouble (positive spin on this story, we ended up at Libretto where our drinks came within 2 minutes and the nduja sausage pizza and current special peanut butter gelato put a smile on my face)

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