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Strange Experience at the RussianTea Room: Chowhounders Opinions Needed


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Strange Experience at the RussianTea Room: Chowhounders Opinions Needed

DoctortedNYC | Jan 30, 2007 02:12 PM

Had lunch at the Russian Tea Room Today with GF. Review to follow. Alot has been said of the unevenness of service.However, we had a nice, pleasant waiter was a bit nervous and andward, but otherwise efficient a and affable. Here is where something quite unexpected and strange happened. When presented with the check I paid with my CC and as is my custom left the gratuity in cash. The waiter took the bill and thanked me profusely. He returned 5 minutes later and told me the manager is not accepting the gratuity as this was his first day and he is in training. Somewhat stunned, I insisted he take it to no avail. Upon leaving however, the manager asked me if everything was ok as i am not tipping. Being totally confused by now,I said fine, and explained to him I was told previously the tip was being declined as my waiter was in training. At this point I felt angry feeling I was maybe being manipulated at such a high level restaurant [was the maitre de expecting i should be offering it to him ?].. I told the him THEIR initial decision was now final and in the future come to an agreement before presenting a customer with this issue. I felt this was tacky and low class and ruined a very enjoyable dining exprience. My question is: 1-Did i do the right thing by not tipping ?
2- What are your opinions of what happened.

I would appreciate any feedback.

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