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straight talk about santoku knives?


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straight talk about santoku knives?

skyline | Aug 15, 2011 04:04 PM

I'm beginning to wonder if I'm "missing something" about the santoku style knives. Obviously they are the cooking-media's darlings but IMHO that isn't any reason to buy anything. I have used French and German style chef's knives and I also have a Shun (SLT's Bob Kramer) chef's knife as well. But I accidentally, thanks to a thread here, stumbled upon the Hattori HD 6" santoku at and that looks like one beautiful knife for sure. So I am tempted, especially since I really dislike those santokus with the granton blades. But I still have that nagging question in my head: What exactly would or could that knife do "better" than my current chefs and utility knives already do? If anything?

Norman Weinstein's knife skills book pretty much dismisses the santoku as nothing more than a media-created flavor-of-the-decade, so to speak. Is there any particular style of cutting that is more suited to a santoku than either a German or westernized-Japanese style knife?

I'd love some straight talk/honest opinions about the real value, or lack thereof, of having a santoku in one's knife "wardrobe".

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