Stovetop Cooking: by temperature or power?


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Stovetop Cooking: by temperature or power?

drrayeye | Aug 28, 2014 10:47 PM

With most energy sources, stovetop cooking is by power: low, medium, high--with no clear idea what the real temperature might be. The changes on a dial usually seem continuous, but are they? With gas, they clearly are: you can see the changes in the flames. With electrical, coils may glow, but it's more a pattern of on's and off's, the temperatures themselves are unclear, and changes are sluggish. How does one know what the temperature actually is?

With induction, the settings are digital, and one can choose either power or temperature. My Vollrath Cadet has 20 levels of power or 10 degree temperature changes from 150 degrees to 400 degrees. Two different scales.

Which should I choose?

I've been trying to cook by temperature on my induction, and I sometimes don't know what temperature to set. What temperatures correspond to low, medium, or high? How does one obtain a perfect simmer?

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