Best stove for a cook who loves to bake?


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Best stove for a cook who loves to bake?

buttertart | Aug 4, 2011 10:46 AM

We may have to replace the gas stove that came with our house (which just had its oven regulator replaced, and needs a part to control CO emissions which may or may not be available due to its age - given that it's almond, I expect it's about 20 years old).
If the part isn't available, it's new stove here we come (the oven can be used with lots of ventilation meantime, according to the gas man).
I have never bought a major appliance and really don't know where to start.
Here are my strictures/desiderata/questions:
- the present stove measures 29 1/2 inches, and justfits in its space (it would be possible to cut a bit off the counter but would prefer not to).
- I love to cook and particularly love to bake (need roomy oven with accurate temperature control).
- definitely want a gas cooktop with high BTU output (some of my cooking is Chinese - not looking for a wok burner, just good hot ones)
- would consider a dual fuel stove (which prior to this I had no idea existed) - does anyone have experience with one?
- what about convection? (have never used a convection oven, not sure of its advantages)
- do not want to spend megadough on it, I would say max max (with some armtwisting) would be $2000, would very much prefer to spend considerably less.
Would appreciate any guidance lent. Thanks as always.

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