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Stout for Dinner & Dessert!: SA Black Lager and B&J’s Black and Tan


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Stout for Dinner & Dessert!: SA Black Lager and B&J’s Black and Tan

Dommy | Sep 7, 2006 08:22 PM

Last week I found myself in a dire situation, I had no beer in the house and my brother was coming over for dinner and to help me out with a home network problem (And bro is a big booze hound as well!)

Luckily for me there is Ralphs around the corner. But it turned out not to be so lucky because it’s beer collection STINKS. I had images of snakebites for dinner (French Onion Soup and Pannini) and they didn’t even carry cider! I figured I could wing it with some Vernon’s Ginger Ale (Which thankfully they did have!) but the Stout to go with... their selection was pretty much Guinness and more Guinness, which personally I don’t like.

Then off the corner of my eye I see a new stock of Sam Adams, it’s packed in a HIGH box (So the previous bottles are protected from any light) and calls it’s self Black Lager. I’ve always enjoyed SA Summer Ale, so I decide to give this special brew a try too.

Arriving home a few minutes before Bro, I had a taste sip. The box goes out of it’s way to explain that this brew was not a real Stout. It’s a special recipe to make the beer black, but to maintain it’s strong flavor with added smoothness. Whatever that recipe was, it was YUMMY. IT wasn’t too heavy or too syrupy. It gave a NICE head, but not too foamy or creamy. It drank down nice and easy but was full bodied. It was the perfect pairing with the Ginger Ale too... the sharp crispness of the Vernon’s with the richness brew. Bro who LOVES stouts also enjoyed it lots too...

For me, Stouts are all about winter, so this is the perfect transition for the fall.

When dinner was done, I had one more surprise for Bro. Ben and Jerry’s just introduced a brand new ice cream flavor, Black and Tan...

Beer... Ice Cream... I was all over it...

Upon first taste, it tastes slightly boozy... No, there is no alcohol in it. But there is Cocoa powder which does give it a raw boozy edge. It also has a lot of malt in it. It doesn’t taste quite like a black and tan, nor quite like beer ice cream, but it is very nice flavor profile of chocolate, malt and cocoa that did remind me of a few Chocolate Stouts I’ve tried. It also tasted EXCELLENT on a sugar cone... Yumm...

And so, now that I’ve had Beer for Lunch (Courtesy of Rubio’s Beer of the Week... heh...) Beer for Dinner and Beer for Dessert, I guess my next challenge is to find a tasty way to add beer to my oatmeal in the mornings... ;)


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