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My Story... The Pea Soup Disaster...


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My Story... The Pea Soup Disaster...

Dommy! | Dec 14, 2005 07:52 PM

This was the post that I was supposed to do today. But I got side tracked a little bit by the Enchiladas post. I’m kinda glad I took the time to do that post because if I had waited and put this post up first, I’d have my home cooking board membership revoked… LOL!!!

As I’ve mentioned before, I like to try at least one new recipe a week to increase my cooking skills and to keep my diet interesting. I sometimes use a recipe, sometimes I get a little brave and wing it. This week, I decided to wing it with some split pea soup!! I had the Chicken Broth (Better than Bullion actually), a bag of TJ’s dried split peas, and some Tasso… Seemed simple enough for me to mix together and get some yummy soup!!

First I sauted some onions in some olive oil until they got soft and fragrant. I then over half the split peas, 6 cups of water, bunch of sliced carrots and the Better than Bullion.

I tasted it, the water was just slightly chickeny. I turned the heat up, got it to boil and then covered and simmered. About an hour later, the peas had all dissolved and I got luscious, creamy, split pea soup!! I chopped up the Tasso fine(I didn’t want to cook it in the soup because it could get tough) and went to go taste to soup to see if it needed salt before I packed it up for tomorrow’s lunch, and one heaping spoonful and I almost fell to the FLOOR.

To quote Fry, "That's the saltiest thing I've ever eaten...and I once ate a big heaping bowl of salt!"

It suddenly became very clear to me…for some SMART reason, I messed up on the ratio of better than Bullion, I added 2 tbs too many!! Although it just tasted slightly chickeny when I first tasted the soup, the simmering of the soup had concentrated the flavors a lot more, especially the salt!

Well, in current state, the soup, was pretty much unedible, especially if I added the Tasso (And this girl needs her protein!). But I would not accept defeat!! I though, first, add more water. So I served myself up bowl and added a bit of water. The tasted MUCH better but the texture was ruined. It was like eating Split Pea Broth. Bleh… By now, it was late, but I thought of one more thing. Boil up the remaining peas in just water, and add the bland soup to the salty soup and everything is fixed!! Then, I figured, split peas are just like beans, so perhaps they will cook faster tomorrow if I soak them overnight…

Ugh… I gotta stop having these bright ideas… The following night, I drained and cooked the remaining split peas. Yes, they were tender, but as they boiled in the water, they weren’t breaking down the like other peas. Instead, the just sorta became woody mushy pea flakes. I realized that by soaking them, I had probably drained them of some kinda starch or something that make them dissolve. Ugh… the night was getting long again (I was also making my first quiche at the same time) and I did one last ditch effort. I took the flakey peas and added them into my blender and created a sorta bland pea mush (Looked like grainy baby food). I went ahead and added a few table spoons of the mixture into my soup and tasted.

… And amazing pea soup!! Great pea flavor, just enough salt, smokey tasso goodness, and wonderful mouthfeel... AH HA!! I did it!! I won! Take that you darn SOUP!!!!

Instantly, I became very aware of why I have so many friends who can’t stand to cook. It can really be heart breaking when you spend all this time and make something that just tastes okay. And I also became aware as why I love cooking, it’s so joyful when you use your mind to create something and it’s wonderful, like yummy soup for the rest of the week! :)

And as for my first quiche, I followed the recipe pretty much to the letter (The basic Egg and Cheese Recipe on Epicurious, I used Midnight Moon Firm Goats Cheese as the cheese) and it came out pretty good… A little bland… but I’ll fix that for next time too… heh…


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