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Storing Salt Packed Anchovies


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Storing Salt Packed Anchovies

Pappy | May 7, 2003 09:57 AM

This topic was discussed once before, and I've read the archives, but the advice seemed slightly conflicting.

I bought a large can of Italian salt packed anchovies a few weeks ago. I'm going to open it this weekend to use a few. I think I can handle that no problem - Soak in water for maybe an hour, and filet under lightly running water.

But there will be a lot left over, and I don't see myself getting through them all for several months. It seems there are two theories on how to maintain the residual. One, is to repack them in a air-tight glass jar and just pour more salt over them, keep the jar in the fridge, and continue to pull a few out at a time as necessary and treat as mentioned above. The second train of thought is to rinse them all, soak them all, filet them all, dry them all, then pack into an air-tight glass jar and cover with evo and return to fridge. Future use will then require no more soaking.

Are these differences simply a matter of future convenience? Would "shelf" life be the same with both methods? And if so (or not) what should I expect that life to be?

So glad I have a place to post these kinds of questions. Thanks in advance.


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