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Storing Produce For Maximum Shelf Life - Glass, Plastic or Counter

cstout | Feb 26, 201203:57 PM

I am really trying to do the right thing by my veggies to keep them alive as long as possible. Plastic containers are beginning to turn me off, I just don't think my veggies are happy in there.

Well, I got the bright idea of digging out all my wide mouth jars & putting everything in them. Boy, does it sure look good just sitting there all in a row in the fridge, waiting for me to be inspired to pluck a couple out & start cooking.

A sinking feeling started to come over me as I was busily stuffing everything in site into those jars. Is this the right thing to do? Will I just have a foggy mess in the morning?

Halt everything, go to pooter, search out "storing veggies", came up with this very comprehensive list of how to store all kinds of produce. Over half of the ways list "plastic"...not a good thing for me. Next step...ask the Chow people how they do it.

By the way here is the link

Please glance over it & see how I can replace the word "plastic" for something else.

So far I have the following in jars:
shredded carrots
bell pepper, seeded

Thank you

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