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Storing Marinated White Anchovies

Bacardi1 | Jun 6, 201205:38 PM

Hubby & I were cruising Costco this past Sunday, & I couldn't resist picking up a 2-pack of refrigerated imported-from-Italy "SeaGarden" brand "Marinated White Anchovies".

These obviously are nothing like salt or oil-packed anchovies. They're marinated in white-wine vinegar & herbs.

My question is - how would you best preserve what you don't use. These packets are BIG. There's no way I'll be eating all of them at one sitting. For regular old oil-packed anchovies, I transfer them to small glass jars & top them off with olive oil before putting them into the fridge. But since these don't have oil in/on them to begin with, I wouldn't do that.

Maybe put them in a jar, top them off with white wine vinegar, & fridge them?

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