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Storing excess food and ingredients

blizzard854 | Apr 28, 200804:03 PM

I've been cooking for only several months and wanted to asked everyone here at CH suggestions on storing any leftover food and/or ingredients.

I cook via recipe and a lot of times i will have excess herbs, cheese, stock, meat, fish, sauce, etc...

Now, i know storage and longevity of each item varies greatly according to the item. But i was wondering does anyone think its worthy to invest in jars and also in things that suck the air out of bags and such? will the food really stay fresher this way?

Also could everyone just give me a small idea of where to keep certain things... E.g. should herbs be kept in the fridge? or just in an room temperature area of the kitchen? Can most sauces be frozen and then taken out of the fridge when you want to use them?

I always have an issue with having excess sauce when using recipes and many times the sauces go to waste because i cant use it all up within the amount of time i keep it in the fridge in a glad container, before it goes bad...

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