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Storing cut tomatoes

Phurstluv | Aug 19, 2009 06:21 PM

How do you store your tomatoes that have been cut into? I'm talking the large tomatoes, and usually when making a salad, I only use half of one, bc kids only eat the tiny grape tomatoes, and a whole one is just too much.

So, I've tried refrigerating it with the other salad stuff, and we all know where that goes. Bland, tasteless, mealy, yuck.

So, I thought I'd try out on the counter, with the other whole tomatoes, in a dish, cut side down. Just get slimy and moldy instead. Now I'm trying on the counter, in a baggie. So far, it looks okay, been there only a day & a half, but I was wondering if anyone else had any luck with storing them. Thanks.

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