Storing Cheese at Home


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Storing Cheese at Home

ShinjiCook | Mar 25, 2013 09:54 PM

Hey everyone,

I tend to buy a lot of Marble Cheese. I like to kinda have a few slices here and there along with some sausage, crackers .etc

But everytime I open the box I store my cheese in, it seems to always have these small white dots around the cheese. It starts happening pretty much right after I open the plastic seal around the cheese. I remember reading something online about it being the fat changing (early stages of molding apparently) and that it's ok to eat if you cut some of it off. It grows ALL over the long block of cheese and it's a pain to cut all the sides...

The way I store my cheese is to cut it up small enough to fit a lunch box container and then putting it in the cheese section of my fridge. seems to be the section that gets the least amount of moisture.

So i'm wondering am I storing my cheese wrong?
what is the proper way to store cheese?
Any tips on how to prevent these white spots from showing up?
Maybe quicker way to remove them off the cheese rather than cutting a chunk of cheese away?

Thanks in advance to everyone!

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