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What stores/chains would you drive long distances for?


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What stores/chains would you drive long distances for?

Kajikit | May 16, 2014 09:14 AM

I just asked a question about the ubiquitous Trader Joes and it made me think... what stores/chains would you drive long distances (greater than 20 miles) to get to? We moved from a highly-developed urban area to a more 'small town' environment and a lot of my favourite places are now 20-30 miles away, or even further. Then I wouldn't drive more than five miles to get to the store... now I'm seriously thinking about the trek.

The closest Whole Foods is in West Palm... they just opened a new Trader Joes in Wellington... if we really want Krispy Kreme we have a choice between going up to Melbourne or all the way down to Fort Lauderdale (I wouldn't drive that far 'just' to get donuts but when DH was working in Melbourne he brought home two dozen...) and one of the few remaining World Market stores is up in Melbourne. And of course, then there's Penzeys Spices which opened a store in Orlando which is their ONLY store south of Jacksonville.

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