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Storecupboard items for chemo


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Storecupboard items for chemo

Peg | Sep 9, 2012 12:45 AM

Sorry - yet another chemo thread.
I'm about to start 4 months of chemo (FEC for at least the first 3 doses). I live alone. Many friends have offered to help out, but I want to 'save them up' for emergencies!

All my research tells me that the effects on my appetite etc. are unpredictable, which doesn't help in getting ready for it - what I'd like anyone's advice on is what do I stock up on for those days when I can't shop/cook?

I normally eat low fat, low carb, lots of vegetables and fish (no meat), lots of chillies and spices. I don't have a sweet tooth (though maybe I'll develop one?). I'm particularly keen to have 'ambient temperature' foods to hand as my freezer space is limited.

I rarely use anything that isn't 'fresh' so cannot even think of what to buy - all I've come up with so far is peanut butter. The idea of buying things like canned soup is alien to me - are they any good?
I'm in the UK so I just need generic suggestions, not brand names.


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