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How do I store herbs, roots, etc?


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How do I store herbs, roots, etc?

Mr.Numb | Jan 10, 2003 03:26 AM

I love shopping the farmers markets for the fresh stuff, but find that my eagerness exceeds my reality... I'm single, rarely home, and only cook a few nights a week... so much of the crop dies in the fridge crisper.

Any tips on extending the life of fresh food stuffs?
I'm not that interested in the cheap and easy - lettuce, etc. More like those little add-ons that change the nature of recipes.

For example, how can can I keep a crop of mint leaves available for the lamb chops in the freezer? I've stored small bunches in the freezer, but they turned brownish. Is there a trick to flash freezing? Is it better to first make my sauce, then freeze, rather than try to seal the ingredients in their naked state?

Likewise, I'm interested in preserving other herbs, without drying them out for sprinkles. And garlic.
And Ginger. Is there a technique to preserving a hunk o ginger? Sinking it in oil? Slicing then then freezing?

Just lookin for some ideas or pointers to resources. Thanks in adavnce...

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