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Store bought Naan

FelafelBoy | Mar 7, 2008 12:50 AM

I had noticed already made naan, the puffy and chewy Indian bread, in packages only in my local Indian grocery stores. More recently, I have noticed more and more of the local large chain supermarkets selling various brands of prepackaged naans, also - two to four in a package, selling for somewhere in the neighborhood of $3 to $4. Whole wheat naan, plain naan, that was basically it.

Yesterday, while shopping (window shopping that is, just looking!) in the bread section at Trader Joe's, I noticed by the pita bread, something labeled "Tandoori Masala Naan." It looked kind of yellow. I picked it up, smelled the package, and was speechless for a few seconds. I have come to believe that Trader Joe's spicy foods are not spicy at all, but this, naan under its brand name defied that mellow flavoring. It smelled like something I would get at an Indian restaurant full of flavor. It contained many various spices, and even after seven smells, I was left wanting to inhale more.

A fellow shopper was nearby and I held up the nann to her inviting her to smell the bread. She made a face after inhaling like it was something very nasty. That validated to me that this bread passed the test for non-mellowness. For anyone who likes naan, and who likes spicy Indian food, you may want to check out this version of naan at Trader Joe's. They have other version, more like what you may find at you local supermarkets - the plain naan, and the whole wheat kind.

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