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greygarious | Apr 23, 2013 11:48 AM

I seem to remember that at one time, if I heard my tummy gurgling, I also felt hunger pangs. I entered this century over 50yrs old and have noticed since then that, although I (still overly) enjoy eating, I don't often FEEL hungry. If it is quiet, and I haven't eaten in, say, 4-5 hours, I can hear my gastric juices gurgling, without any accompanying sense of hunger. I have coffee and sometimes a mini-muffin when I get up. I can then go 6 hours before feeling a little light-headed, which is my cue to eat lunch. Sometimes, but rarely, I'll have hunger pangs 30 minutes after having lunch. They don't last long.

When it began, I was on digoxin, which does suppress appetite. But I haven't taken it in many years. At the time, my doctor ran all sorts of tests to make sure there wasn't a dangerous reason. So at this point it's not a medical concern, but I am curious if anyone else shares my absence of hunger pangs.

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