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Stolen shrimp at Thai Nadia

givemecarbs | Dec 30, 2009 07:40 PM

Enjoyed an early dinner at my favorite Thai place, thai nadia in Lansdale this evening around six pm. My friend thought the food wasn't as good as usual. I got the shrimp pad thai and he got the pineapple fried rice with chicken. We were seated right up against the kitchen area. I like that table, nice and cozy. But I could hear them discussing my friend's fried rice. Apparently they had forgotten the chicken but the pad thai was already plated. I heard a male voice say "but will they accept it?" Two or three people were arguing. I felt like saying, you know I can hear you!. Well they worked it out but the chicken was practically non existent in his fried rice and it seemed a bit greasy and cool. I loved my pad thai and dug in. I decided to practice a little restraint and actually stop the moment I got full. I was really looking forward to the three shrimp I had nobly resisted eating earlier. Oh why did I let her whisk my plate away and not pack my own to-go container??? You guessed it, no succulent shrimp in my pad thai container. I guess because we didn't say anything about the lack of chicken, she thought we wouldn't notice that the shrimp were gone. I know it is a little thing, but I am so angry. It was obvious that there was no manager on duty, and I doubt that I will call them. I might get stuff to go from there again sometime when I calm down, but I doubt I will be back to eat in. And I loved that place. Complaining just doesn't work for me. I'm making another post about what happened the last time my friend John called the manager of another local eatery. That one is still coming back on me. Anyway, never let them pack the to go container at thai nadia.

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