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Stockton Inn (Stockton NJ) BOO HISS [Moved from Mid-Atlantic]


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Stockton Inn (Stockton NJ) BOO HISS [Moved from Mid-Atlantic]

Sethboy | Aug 14, 2006 06:43 PM

We went to the Stockton Inn for dinner on Saturday nite.
At 5:30pm on a lovely day, we walked inside and asked to sit outside.
The snooty boy at the host stand barely glanced at his reservation book and said "oh, no, we are COMPLETELY booked for outside. You can only sit inside".

On our way OUT the door, I counted the tables outside. At 5:30pm, they had approximately TWENTY FIVE empty tables out on the patio. Almost the entire patio was EMPTY. Yes. 25 EMPTY TABLES yet they claimed they were full.

Now, you mean to tell me that the restaurant is THAT popular and THAT busy that you can't sit a party of 2 people outside for dinner??!!!???

PUH-LEEZE. Shame on them. And we will never go back to try the food now.

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