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Stocking the bar for a wedding reception


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Stocking the bar for a wedding reception

JimN | Aug 29, 2005 02:10 PM

Okay, so I'm getting married in about a month. Ceremony and reception will take place at a private home in Sedona, AZ. We're expecting around 55 guests total, ages range from mid-30s to late-70s, and probably average out to around 50.

A local restaurant is catering the event, and supplying a bartender. Soft drinks and coffee/tea are handled. Wine and beer are handled. Glassware and stemware are handled. I just need to stock the bar.

I realize that we'll need a ton of ice, and garnishes such as lemons and limes, olives, etc. I think I can have the caterer handle that.

We don't need to offer everything under the sun, but I'd like to offer a decent selection of cocktails. Seems like we'll need to come up with a menu of available drinks, and have some of the basics on-hand.

I'm guessing that the most popular cocktail orders will be:

Martinis (straight up vodka, sour apple, cosmo, lemon drop, and classic gin/vermouth).

Margaritas (basic rocks salt, as I don't want to have noisy blenders around).

Rum and Coke

Vodka and Tonic

Gin and Tonic

Old Fashioned

A decent Bourbon selection

A decent Scotch selection

Does this sound like a reasonable selection of drinks to offer? Am I forgetting any popular cocktails (except Mojitos, which I think are a little too much work to do right)? Any suggestions on quantities of the individual boozes and mixers to have on-hand?


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