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Stock the bar party

adewaal | Apr 6, 2007 11:08 AM

My friend is celebrating his new house with a "stock the bar/drink the bar" party. Everyone will bring a bottle as a gift, but we will open some of them to serve. I would like to bring something unique and am looking for ideas.
This is not a fancy crowd...I imagine lots of bottles of Mondavi wines, Absolute, Jose Cuervo, and Bacardi. The food served will be pizza- albeit gourmet pizza. So, I don't want to bring anything too pricey or that needs to be sipped slowly to be appreciated. (Unless I give it directly to him to stash for another time.)
Ideas? I though about bringing the ingredients to make an intersting mixed drink, along with recipe cards so folks can make their own? Or what about bringing a bottle of something and a homemade condiment or bar snack (stuffed olives, seasoned nuts, etc...)
Has anyone ever tried to infuse their own spirits?
Thanks hounds!

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