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stilton creme brulee

drdawn | Sep 1, 2005 09:09 AM

I posted about stilton creme brulee in the blue cheese thread, but pablo kindly encouraged me to start a thread on it. Actually, if any of you are clever at recipe adaptation this could be a fun experiment for you. I'm sadly between kitchens at the moment, so doing more thinking about food than making it. So if anybody does experiment with it, it will help me too once things settle down.

I had this in a restaurant once, and it was outstanding. the custardy bit wasn't sweet, but the crunchy caramel had the same effect as eating fruit with stilton. It was served with a chutney and a parmesan crisp. The crisp was a bit much, but the chutney worked well. A bruchetta might have been more successful.

As I said in the earlier post, I did manage to get the recipe off the chef after much coaxing, but I've since lost it. I remember there were no surprise secret ingredients, and there was a passing the mixture through a seive (which I discovered was actually quite important on making it). I can't remember if the base had a little sugar or if it was just the sugar on top used for sweetness. I'd also suggest serving in smaller portions, as it is incredibly rich. In any case it is worth trying adapting a standard creme brulee recipe.

The chef also said he was taking it off the menu in favor of a (parmesan?) panna cotta. Haven't had this though, and am slightly sceptical. But you never know...

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