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Need help to stick w/ my New Year's Resolutions

Carb Lover | Feb 4, 200610:36 PM

Not diet resolutions, but cooking ones! Now that January has come and gone, I've been feeling more guilty about not abiding by my NY's resolutions that I professed for the HC world to see. To remind myself and you, I basically hoped to work on 3 things: 1) getting back into cooking through Bayless's Mexican Kitchen; 2) cooking more Asian food; and 3) using the pig's foot that's been in my freezer forever. I have been most true to #2 (although not great), but have been sorely neglecting #1 and #3.

I was hoping to make pozole w/ the pig's foot. I figured that if Bayless had a pozole recipe in my book, then I could chip away at 2 resolutions w/ one stone. Unfortunately, no recipe there. Where to find another recipe...

I am considering Dommy's recipe she posted recently from Patricia Quintana, but I also found the one linked below that sounds quite good. I'm thinking that I will cut it down a bit (as I only have one foot) and use pork shoulder instead of head/loin and cabbage instead of romaine lettuce. How does the linked recipe look to pozole fans? I've never eaten pozole before, so not sure if I'm missing anything. Any alternative recipes would be appreciated.

The other help I could use right now is to be inspired to cook something out of Mexican Kitchen. It's just not clicking w/ me right now. I half-heartedly flipped through it the other night w/ no sparks. Can someone recommend any particular dishes in that book? Elaborating on why you liked it would really help to motivate me. I still need help w/ #2, but please, one small step at a time. Thanks for your support and keeping me in check!

Link: http://www.pbs.org/foodancestors/food...

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