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Non-stick Options, Or Not

mikie | Feb 1, 2017 07:59 AM

I've had it, really! I've had a Scanpan 8" nonstick classic pan for probably longer than I should. It's been sticking more than non-sticking lately and I've tried the baking soda scrub and even tried BKF. I've left bacon grease in it after frying bacon to have with my eggs and it's like glue. It's done! Time to start looking for a replacement.

I'm open minded and I have other options to some extent, but I haven't been impressed with my old Griswold cast iron, bacon is done in the middle and raw on the ends. I haven't tried my 9.5" Viking multiply for over easy, but scrambled sure sticks, don't know if a healthy amount of bacon grease would help or not. (pun intended)

I could get another Scanpan Classic, about $50-$60 and it lasted probably 6 or 7 years. I could buy disposable non-stick, about $15 to $25 but I just hate throwing out a pan on a regular basis and I doubt it cooks as well as the Scanpan. I'm not going expensive, All-Clad or equivalent as I know Mrs. mikie isn't all that careful with cookware and the Scanpan worked better before she started usint it. Mrs. mikie and I don't share the kitchen very well if you haven't already detected that. I'm the obsessive one.

What suggestions do you guys and gals have for eggs over easy and/or omelets? I'll even take technique tips if that's what's really needed ;)


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