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Help~ Non-Stick/Anodized/Stainless/Cast Iron cookware for a NEWBIE!

CAFELATTE | Mar 2, 200801:33 PM

Not only am I a self-admitted non-chef, it is quiet obvious when I'm seen in the kitchen. So with that in mind, I would really like suggestions on mid-range cookware, please!!! (Currently I own a set of non-stick that's tinkering on its last days). I am clueless about cooking, and cookware so any advice would be greatly appreciated
I like to pan-fry fish (fillets and whole fish). It's my favorite thing to eat. Is one type (stainless steel/ anodized etc) better than the other? And any recommended brands, without breaking the bank? I checked out Calphalon One, and I REALLY like the FEEL of the surface. So smooth. Cast iron is SO heavy, but a lot of ppl seem to like its performance. What about like cast-iron cookware with enamel-finished interior? Should I worry that the enamel will peel off? I feel so lost in the world of cookware, and it doesn't help that I don't know much about cooking. :-S
I need an 8" and 11" or larger fry-pans. All suggestions are welcome. Loose budget is $100 for both. Less than $100 would be even better! TIA

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