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Stew ongoing debate

shark_attack | Jul 1, 2009 06:26 AM

I intend to open an ongoing debate about the various malfeasances which occur at Stew Leonards multiple times per week. Since many of us are dependent on this store, it is a debate worth having. Allow me to begin.

Early this week I bought some General Tso's chicken prepared to go, fully cooked. It was inedible. The chicken wasn't terrific, not completely fresh not stale, but the sauce was disgusting. It smelled gross when I opened up the container.

Having tossed the entree I emailed Stews to open an ongoing debate with them, too. I got an email back asking which location it had occured at, but not offer of replacement, compensation, etc....

This is but one of many, many gripes I have with this hugely famous store, where the "customer is always right" (propoganda) and all the dumb songs and country-kitsch are designed to take your mind off the food quality and fool kids Disney-style....

What problems have you all had at Stews? Let me know, and don't hold back......

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