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Steve Field's *** out of ***** [DFW]


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Steve Field's *** out of ***** [DFW]

lillymao | Sep 13, 2008 12:46 PM

FOOD *** out of *****
I ordered the rock lobster and prime rib. This was not live Maine lobster, so it was good, but not great. The meat was shipped fresh and refrigerated, but was not live. It was not frozen, though. Live lobster has that bouncy feeling in your mouth. Fresh lobster is a little less bouncy and frozen lobster is mushy. It is an O.K. lobster. They are loads better than Red Lobster's lobsters, but not as good as the giant swimmers in the fish tank at Pappadeaux's.

The prime rib was good, but not as good as Lawry's. It was not melt-in-your mouth buttery soft like a Lawry's prime rib, but it was also not tough like a steak. The quality was about the same as a Humperdink's prime rib. It was O.K.

SERVICE **** out of *****
The service was very good. They did not have a waiter team, but the one waitress was very good about keeping up with all my needs.

ATMOSPHERE *** out of *****
The atmosphere is very generic, like a chain restaurant. It is good, with some booths. However, they don't have very many booths. Be sure to reserve a booth and not just a table when making reservations. If you are single but eating in a 4 person booth, then just make sure to tip the waitress extra (because the waitress would've made more money if 4 people were sitting in the booth.

CONCLUSION *** out of *****
This is a good restaurant. It feels very chain-ish and lacks character. The problem with character is that Dallas is not a foodie city so if it's not common fare, people tend to get offended by it. People in Dallas get offended by stuff like organ meat, rabbit meat, nutria, etc. So, this is not a slight on Steve Field's. They are actually a good solid neighborhood restaurant. I eat there often since they are within biking distance from my home. At today's gas prices, I would only burn petroleum to go out to eat if only the restaurant was not just a good, solid meal, but a DINING EXPERIENCE or of such an excellent value that it would be worth it to burn gas to go. What I like most about Steve Field's is VALUE. Their dishes are reasonably priced and they don't force you to buy expensive drinks as they serve chilled, filtered water for free. I hate it when I order water and get nasty tap water. I hate drinking that chlorinated mess. If you're going to serve nasty tap water, at least serve it with some lemon slices to make it bearable. I could taste that their water was filtered, but I asked the waiter to confirm my taste buds. If you live within 5 miles of Steve Field's, I recommend making them part of your restaurant dining rotation. Although it is not a world-class restaurant, it is a solid neighborhood restaurant. I give Steve Field's of Dallas *** out of *****.

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