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Steaklovers ... when did you first fall in love with steak?

ipsedixit | Nov 22, 200901:10 PM

For those that love a good juicy piece of steak -- whether it's a ribeye, sirloin, or whether its done rare or burnt to a dry crisp -- when did you first fall in love with steak?

I mean, steak isn't one of those treats that you are given, or naturally gravitate towards, as a youngster, right?

Things like ice cream or other desserts are often provided to children as a "treat" but rarely does a mom say, "Son, if you get an "A" in in your 5th grade advanced organic chemistry class I'll grill up your favorite cut of ribeye as a reward!"

And children rarely pine to go Ruth's Chris; the obvious choice is always McDonald's or someplace like Baskin Robbins.

Personally, I love steak but for the life of me I can't remember when I first realized that I loved steak.

I love steak, now.

I just don't know when, or how, it started.

Do you?

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