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Are steakhouses worth it??


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Are steakhouses worth it??

MV | Mar 14, 2006 11:44 PM

As i was chowing down to a delicious bowl of Ramen at Minca in NYC tonight i ponderedc this question. My friends all love going out to expensive steak dinners and i usually end up feeling like i do not get the bang for the buck. While i do adore perfectly seared cow flesh as much as the next guy, steaks seem really expensive and not worth the cost taste ratio. While digging into this exquisite bowl of ramen that cost $10 with tax and tip i really did not feel that my money is well spent eating steak. The steakhouse cartel charges ridiculous prices for a simple piece of cooked meat.
The depth in flavour of a well constructed broth in a great noodle soup offers me so much more pleasure than a seared piece of meat. As the saying goes, anybody can make a good steak taste great, it takes a real chef to transform a stomach or such into good eats. I think i am done with steakhouses for awhile, if i want to blow alot of money i will do it at a high end sushi place. I do suppose it is each his own as some do not enjoy sushi while the real good stuff gives me such a food orgasm that i cannot take a first date out to it cause they think i'm a freak.

I feel like the whole steakhouse experience is one o those things that i will just never get much like fancy cars or jewelery. More flash than substance.

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