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A steakhouse etiquette question


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A steakhouse etiquette question

Young-Ho | Mar 23, 2005 11:12 PM


My wife and I had a nice experience at Smith and Wollensky a few months ago. After a shrimp cocktail, I ordered the rib steak, my wife the lobster, and we shared a side of mac and cheese. Fortunately, a friend of my wife's happened to be in the area, joined our table, and helped us come close to finishing the humongous portions. She didn't even order anything herself!

A friend of mine is to visit soon from India, where he has been unable to eat any beef due to the cow's religious significance. He also was recently ill and lost a significant amount of weight, so he's been craving steak.

As our last experience was positive, I thought that we might take him to Smith and Wollensky this weekend. We're to be joined by the same friend who came last time. I was wondering whether it would be terribly rude to order the porterhouse for two but share among four? We'd also get at least two side dishes and at least one bottle of wine, as well as dessert. I don't mind spending the money to treat my friend, but the portions sizes are truly formidable. I dislike wasting too much food, and we have plans to eat out for the next two days afterwards (Chau Chow City for dimsum, Oishii for sushi, B&G or Summer Shack for oysters, etc.), so I don't want the leftovers to sit in the fridge for too long. Also, the nice thing about the porterhouse is that it has the filet and the sirloin.

Please let me know your thoughts. Thanks,


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