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What do I need? Steak knife as a utility knife? (Wusthof Ikon?)


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What do I need? Steak knife as a utility knife? (Wusthof Ikon?)

ckl | Jan 18, 2013 01:43 PM

So... I think of myself as a pretty serious home cook, but... for years I have relied on my 8 inch Global and 8 inch Wusthof chef's knives for pretty much everything (plus a fairly cheap serrated knife and small paring knife for occassional use). I've been thinking about getting something smaller for frequent use--what I think of as a utility knife. I actually had considered a 6" chef's knife, just to have something smaller for when I don't need the 8", but that obviously seems redundant, doesn't it? I also have a set of the cheapish Wusthof steak knives (the gourmet line), which get used occassionally at the dinner table. The other day I had one out (they are usually put away), and I grabbed it to trim up a (raw) hangar steak (you know, cutting away that inner gristle and fascia and whatnot) and I was a little surprised at how much I liked it for that! So agile! But it feels like a cheap knife--flexible and light. So... what do I need? I feel like the shape of the steak knife was really nice, but that shape seems limited to actual "steak knives." You can buy a Wusthof Ikon (which I'm liking because of the 2/3 bolster--I've used the Wusthof chef's knife for so long and for so much that the bolster is getting to be a bit of a drag with sharpening) steak knife individually, so I'm actually thinking about that, instead of a so-called utility knife. Is there a reason that shape would be less convenient/useful that the classic utility knife shape? The price for the Ikon "utility knife" and "steak knife" is the same; I can't find info on whether their weights or blade thickness is the same. Again, I'm looking for something that would be appropriate for all-purpose use. I'm getting a little sick of using a giant chef's knife to trim up meat or cut an apple... Anyway, any advice would be much appreciated...

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