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Steak Knife Recommendations?


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Steak Knife Recommendations?

cheyennew | Oct 15, 2011 10:24 PM

I have been thinking about buying steak knives for years now but can never seem to decide what to get. Currently I like the looks of these two: &

The Laguiole ones are nice looking, but I'm tweaked by the product images: they are all different. Different serration depths (the first image appears to show no serration, which is why I clicked it in the first place), different stamps on the blades, different fonts. Now I'm totally suspicious of all of them. I checked Ebay too: the "same" knives run ~$25-$30 and show all manner of stamp variations. This is weird, isn't it? Their website is lame and tells me nothing. The bees look different too.

The Ginsu is pretty (kind of reminds me of the Shun look) and I wanted a knive without serrations, but isn't Ginsu that brand that had late night infomercials or something? Sumo wrestlers cutting up soda cans or something really bizarre? Reviews are all good... but I can't get the soda can hijinks out of my head.

I you hadn't guessed, I'm trying to keep it down in the $50-or-less range. But I really would like some decent/pretty knives too. I tend to grow strangely attached to my knives and I feel like once I buy the knives, I'll never need to buy another set, so I better get the right ones. I don't eat steak/meat terribly often, but ever single time I do, we end up using a couple of sailor's knives (something like this: and it's kind of obnoxious.

Any thoughts on serrations vs non-serrations would also be appreciated. I tend to prefer non-serrated blades but maybe for this application, it makes more sense?

Thank you in advance!

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