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More Steak advice needed from Tom M!


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More Steak advice needed from Tom M!

Ric | Jan 7, 2003 06:19 PM

Tom, are you out there?
The "How to Cook a Steak" discussion is only a few days old, and is already "miles" down the page, so I thought I'd bring it up to "the top" in hopes that you see this. (And I don't want to miss your reply!)"Hot Posts" is good, but...
OK, my question: re: steak, you said, "sear the meat on both sides to get a fairly dark crust, and then put into an oven on its max. temp (500 degrees) until done to your liking. And that better be no more than medium rare." Please give us your time frames. For example, "medium rare" is fine with me,, how long by your watch? Thanks!!
Got a lot of interesting ideas from a lot of steak-lovers on that thread!

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