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Rachael | Apr 26, 2003 05:47 PM

I went there for brunch today and had the worst experience I've ever had at a restaurant. When the food arrived, everyone's food was cold including: the home fries (which were more like french fries), 3 omlettes and the french toast. When we asked that they heat up our home fries and french toast, the service acted like we were inconveniencing them. One of the bus boys came over with a plate asking us to take the potatoes off our plates onto the one he was holding so that he could bring them back to the kitchen to heat up. I did not want microwaved home fries. So, I asked him to just bring more fries to the table, and again they brought over cold fries. Our french toast was obviously put in the microwave which made the crust hard and chewy. It was absolutely disgusting. We saw other customers complaining to the waitress as well. We told the waitress it wasn't her fault that the food was cold and suggested that she should tell the cooks that her customers are complaining. She replied, "I can't argue with 5 guys." We asked to speak to the manager because we thought it a shame that a new place with a catchy name was serving cold or microwaved-heated food. When he came over, he asked us what the problem was. My boyfriend politely said that our food came out cold, and the bus boy wanted us to shovel our fries onto a plate so that he could bring them back to the kitchen. The manager replies, "Well, yeah, that's because we don't give out free food." Come on, it's not like I've ordered a lobster! It was potatoes!! I replied to that, "You shouldn't inconvenience your customers by having them shovel their food onto another plate when the food should have come out hot in the first place." He just said ok in a rude tone of voice and walked away. If the manager could have handled himself more professionally, I would not be posting my thoughts on this site. But, my experience was horrendous so I thought I would warn my fellow chowhounds. I honestly hope this place goes out of business. There are too many diners in NY for a place to get away with treating customers this way. And, plus every other diner I've been to the food has been hot!

Please avoid! If you need to go to a diner around 65th St. and 2nd Ave., please go to Silver Star which I believe is a block north.

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