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Staten Island - Bureks/Mexican/Italian/Sri Lankan

rebeccahodgson | Jul 16, 2001 05:06 PM

This thread was taken from Manhattan and placed here...

Hi Jess - Yes it is I who mentioned "The Polish Place" to you. I couldn't agree more with your email. I am afraid our close to the ferry neighborhoods are abotu to be invaded - maybe good for the culinary scene - maybe not with the high rents driving away the "ethnic" eats. Right now they are building condos all around me in every empty lot (10 to a two home lot of course!)and NY Mag did that feature of St.George and the ballpark and the Lighthouse Museum. We'll see...

So are your bureks from the pizza place at Victory - the next light past the new traffic light at Jersey St.? Across from the Halal store and right past the Albanian mosque? They used to advertise them on the side of their awning but have since changed the sign and they are no longer listed outside. I had them once but it was the end of the day and they were tired out from waiting for me I think and too greasy. i need to go back and try when they are fresh.
Maybe you are purchasing somewhere else? Where?

Have you tried Los Lobos yet? I have posted about it but no one seems to care - the place is hands down the best Mexican food I have ever had. The tacos, tostadas and guacomole (not for jalapeno haters)are out of this world. Also are the Mexican chicken with moles or their daily specials. They make the guacomole fresh when you order it and charge about 4 bucks for a coffee cup container full - a great deal. In fact everything there is well-priced. I have forced everyone I know and love to eat with to go there - now I have Brooklyn and Manhattan friends who can be enticed to SI by promises of a stop there :) Los Lobos is on that angular street running behind the park-cum-bus/stop-drinking/spot at Victory and Bay Street. You will not be disappointed. They also deliver.

Have you tried any of the Sri Lankan places on Victory near the burek place and mosque? I just tried the Sri Lankan on Bay and ? - past McDonalds across the street from Chase - at the corner of the park-cum-bus/stop-drinking/spot #2. Its been open about a year and I finally went - it looks so cheesy on the outside but we were pleasantly surprised - excellent dishes - will post about this soon.

Also - found the best SI Italian restaurant I have tried so far this weekend - Delizia (stupid name)- on Hylan (cross street?) I'll be writing it up soon also with a general call for italian restaurant discussion - since we have so many on SI at the expense of other restaurants we should at least be knowledgeable about them.

I am posting this on the Outer Borough Board under "SI discussion" also - dont want to take up Manhattan space with our BBQ(SI) talk!


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