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starting a liquor cabinet. not sure what all to get


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starting a liquor cabinet. not sure what all to get

charles_sills | Aug 24, 2012 12:54 PM

hello everyone. for starters, im a college student who works a couple part time jobs, so i dont have alot of money. but im good at stretching my dollars to occasionally enjoy the finer things in life.

im wanting to start slowly building a liquor cabinet, mostly for me and my good buddies to enjoy our favorite drinks, as well as for entertaining and for dates. (since i dont have much of a budget, [i mean im cheap haha] i tend to bring dates to my house, cook for them, and have drinks there.)

mainly, i enjoy american rye, bourbons, and scotch. i have found a couple afforbable liquors that i tend to get that i really love; bulliet rye and bulliet bourbon, as well as buffalo trace bourbon. i enjoy jameson, and it isnt too expensive. are there any decent bottles of scotch that are somewhat affordable? i guess jonny walker red is ok, but i would rather not keep it around because for a few more bucks i can get a bourbon that i like better.

of course i want to be able to make cocktails. mainly i enjoy Manhattans made with rye, and bourbon old fashions. i dont know anything about vermouth. other than there is sweet and dry. are there different brands? what is a good all around sweet vermouth that is reasonably priced that is good for manhattens? i also know nothing of bitters. again, recommendations for use in Manhattan and old fashioned?

im not a big gin guy, but lots of my friends are. so eventaully i would like to be able to keep a decent bottle around, is something like beefeater good enough? is there anything else that i should try and keep around, whether because you think i would like it, or guests would really like it?

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